Sunday, August 2, 2009

We haven't disappeared!!

I am having trouble loading photos to my blog. Ryan is going to look into. We have posted some photos's on Facebook so check them out in the mean time! I promise I will be a blogger one day. ;-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aaargh Matey

Elliot celebrated his 3rd birthday on August 26th. It was a great party. He still talks about the pirate party, his cupcakes, and Papa Loy the Pirate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our New Home

Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah, our new home. We have survived the move and are now trying to survive the many challenges ahead. And our current challenge of Nora's pregnancy! I have to say this has been very different that my first experience. I am generally a little queazy, but you would think I am having quadruplets by how tired I have been. Anyhow we are so excited and just hope things remain positive from here on out.

Our little Elliot is just a ball of joy for us. I am officially trying to document more of his funny little quips. like "Mom it's darking outside" - nighttime, "Dad I'm stucking" - he's stuck. We love these new words because he has turned adjectives into verbs, signs of brillance already! We were recently informed that he, while upset with our current rules, is "Moving Out!". I think there are many families who would be happy to take him in.

Our new neighborhood has been great so far, we have met a lot of the neighbors. One neighbor took count and there are 39 kids under 18 just on our block! Elliot has 3-4 kids just at his age, with many more with in a few years.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day One

Ok so I know I should be keeping track of what's going on, better late than never? I have been inspired by younger sister, who by the way is an amazing blogger. You go Amy! But in my defense I think it is interesting how we can all inspire one another. No two people are alike, we all have passions, desires, and interests that are unique to us. So I remind my self that my strengths are my own and celebrate the beauty of others strenghths and the inspiration they bring to my life!